Nili Goren for Making Room Contemporary Israeli Photography in Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

In Assaf Evron's Untitled (M12s) and Untitled (M67s), the War of Independence armored cars are presented as sculptures floating in space. Mute relics of the defense measures of the convoys attacked on the road to Jerusalem, the "silent iron skeletons" in Haim Guri's song "Bab al-Wad," float in a white space devoid of environmental context. However, their shadow, cast under them, arranges this detached composition in a familiar spatial order, with a concise definition that may even reinforce a historical-cultural belonging. The iron vehicles are removed from the original landscape, where they are planted in a geographical and historical context, and repositioned in the photograph in an artificial, sterile and alien space. History, however, like the shadow, does not let go of its hold on the iron skeleton.

Full text by Nili Goren