2017     M.A (Summa Cum Laude), Tel Aviv University, The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas

2013     MFA (Weinstein Fellow), School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Photography 

2007     B.A, Tel Aviv University, Department of History and the program for General and Interdisciplinary Studies 

Solo, Two Person Exhibitions 

2023  Collage for Mies, David Salkin Creative, Curator: David Salkin

2023  Collage for the Arts Club of Chicago, Curator: Janine Mileaf 

2022  Collage for S.R. Crown Hall, IIT, Chicago

2021   Neo-Lith, Center for Digital Art, Holon, Curator: Udi Edelman

2019   Collage for the Esplanade Apartments, 900 LakeShore Dr. Chicago

2019    Chicago Works: Assaf Evron, MCA Chicago, Curator: Charlotte Ickes 

2019     Collage for the McCormick House, Elmhurst Art Museum, Curator: John McKinnon

2018     FOR, Together with Anna Daucikova, Neubauer Collegium, University of Chicago, Curator: Dieter Roelstraete

2017     54 Basel St., Herzlia Museum for Contemporary Art, Curator: Dr. Aya Lurie

2017     Zedekia’s Cave, Providence College Galleries, Curator: Jamilee Lacy

2015     Athens and Oraibi, Chicago Architecture Biennial, Water Tower Chicago, Curators: Sarah Herda, Joseph Grima

2015     Dameseq, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago

2015     The Sea Was Smooth, Perfectly Mirroring the Sky, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, Curator: Adi Puterman

2010     Crystal Habit, Haifa Museum for Art, Curator: Rotem Ruff

2010     Untitled (series R), University of Richmond Museums, Curators: Richard Waller, Elizabeth Schlatter

2009     Braunerhof, Habres + Partner Galerie, Vienna 

2007     Near and Apparent, The Heder Contemporary Art, Tel aviv, Curator: Iris Mendel 

Group Exhibitions 

2023   Gwangju Biennial, South Korea, Curator: Udi Edelman 

2022   Jerusalem Drawing Biennial, Jerusalem Artist's House, Curator: Irith Hadar 

2021   Earthly Observatory, SAIC Galleries, Curators: Andrew Yang and Giovanni Aloi

2021   Speech Act: Words, Sounds and Transmissions by Citizens of thePolis, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery Afred University, New York, Curator: Gali Greenspan 

2020   Four Flags Chicago, Curators: Stephanie Cristello and Ruslana Lichtzier 

2020    Shutters and Stairs, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Curator: Aya Miron

2019     Saturine, Chicago Manual of Style, Curator: Stephanie Cristello

2019     Color Fields, ARTIS - Napals, Florida, Curator: Allison Glenn 

2019     Color Fields, Crystal Bridges Museum for American Art, Curator: Allison Glenn 

2019     knowledges, Spencer Museum, University of Kansas, Curator: Joey Orr

2018     Mountain Shadow, Beit Hagefen, Haifa, Curators: Yael Messer, Gilad Riech

2018     Border Lines, Tel-Aviv University Gallery, Curator: Galia Gur Zeev

2018     In Real Life, Platform 904, Evanston, ILCurator: Tom Burtonwood

2017     Neo-Monumentalism, Israeli center for Digital Art Holon, Curator: Udi Edelman

2017     Got A Light, The Suburban Milwaukee, Curator: Assaf Evron

2017     New Bauhaus Chicago, Bauhaus-Arciv Berlin, Curator: Kristina Lowis

2016     Off  Modern: In What Time Do We Live?, The Luminary, St. Louis, Curator: James McAnally

2016     Message in the Street, Chicago public Billboards, Curator: Allison Glenn

2015     Dead Lands, NurtureArt, New York, Curator: Rotem Rosental 

2015     Condensed Matter Community, Synchrotron Radiation Center, Wisconsin, Curators: Evan Gruzis and Kristof Wickman

2015     The Suburban 16 years, Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia, Curators: Rose Disalvo, Michelle Grabner, Alex Herzog

2014     And Sometimes Gravity, Adds Donna, Chicago

2014     Ground Floor, Hyde Park Art Center Chicago, Curator: Allison Peters-Quinn

2014     NUMIMA, 4th Wall, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, Curator: Lise Bagessen

2014     Spolia, Haifa Museum of Art, Curator: Orit Bulgaro

2014     The Chicago Effect Redefining the Middle, Hyde Park Art Center, ChicagoCurators: Allison Peters Quinn, Megha Ralapati, Christopher Ho

2014     The Great Poor-farm Experience IV, The Poor Farm Little Wolf Wisconsin, Curator: Nicholas Frank 

2014     Phantoms in the Dirt, Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, Curator: Karsten Lund 

2013     Ghost Nature, UIC Gallery 400, Curator: Caroline Picard

2013     Collecting Dust in Israeli art, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Curator: Tami Manor-Friedman

2013     A Survey in Midwest Appropriation, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Curator: Michelle Grabner

2013     Fotografca Bogota, International Biennial for Photography, Museo Nacional de la Fotografia, Bogota, Curator: Gilma Suárez

2012     Yona Fischer Beginnings of a Collection, Ashdod Museum of Art, Curators: Yuval Biton, Roni Cohen-Binyaminy

2012     Third Show: e Urban Condition, Works from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Curator: Sivan Eran 

2012     Making Room: Contemporary Israeli Photography, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Curator: Nili Goren

2011     A Road to Nowhere, Ashdod Museum of Art, Curator: Dr. Aya Lurie

2011     METAKOM, Kunstverein Kreis Gütersloh, Raumordnung -Gesellscha für urbanKunstund Gestaltung, Kunstverein Kreis Soest A SCHIR project

2010     City Garden, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Curator: Sigal Barkai

2009     Paperworks, The Israel Museum Jerusalem - Ticho House, Curator: Ronit Sorek

2009     Neues Sehen, Stadtische Galerie, Bremen Germany, Curators: Norbert Bauer, Susanne Hinrichs, Liav Mizrahi

2008     First Show, Contemporary Art from The Israel Museum, Curators: Amitai Mendelson, Talia Amar

2008     Blind Spot, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Curators: Carmela Jacoby Volk, Einat Mano

Commissions And Architectural Work  

2019     Chicago Water Tower Art District, Web Visual Identity, DCASE 

2019     Klein Welt, Book, Neubauer Collegium, University of Chicago, Ed. Dieter Roelstraete

2018      PHOTOGRAPHY + BOOKS: Out of the Retina and Into the Brain The Art Library of Aaron and Barbara Levine, The Art Institute of Chicago, Curators: Matthew Witkovsky, Becca Schlosberg 

2018     New York Subway Stations Renovation, MTA, Billings Jackson Design 

2017     God is in the Details, The Israel Museum Jerusalem, Curator: Dan Handel

2017     Portfolio for the Madelener House, Graham Foundation 

2017     Buildings Portfolio for Web Identity, Belgravia Group Chicago 

2016     Avraham Yasky Architect, Tel Aviv Museum, Curator: Dan Handel 

2012     Aircraft  Carrier, the Israeli Pavilion Venice Biennial for Architecture / Store Front for Art and Architecture NYC / The Israel Museum Jerusalem, Curators: Milana Gitzin-Adiram, Dan Handel, Erez Ella 

2010     Dov Karmi Architect Engineer - Public Domestica,Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Helena Rubinstein Pavilion,Curator: Meira Yagid 

2008-2010     Bat-Yam Biennial for Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, Curators: Yael Moriah Sigal Barnir 

Grants And Prizes 

2020-2021 Residency at ISCP, New York, supported by Artis 

2020   Illinois Arts Council Agency Artist Fellowship

2020   SAIC Faculty enrichment grant

2019    Artis Exhibition Grant

2019    Graham Foundation Exhibition Grant

2019    Chicago DCASE individual artist grant

2019    Graham Foundation Research Grant

2019     DCASE Individual Artist Grant

2019     Artadia Chicago Finalist

2018     SAIC Faculty enrichment grant

2017      Graham Foundation exhibition grant 

2017      Israel Lottery, Exhibition Grant

2017      Artis Exhibition Grant

2017     SAIC Faculty enrichment grant 

2017     Residency at The Luminary, St. Louis 

2017     Residency at Latitude Chicago

2016     Asylum Arts Grant

2013     Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, the Snider Prize, honorable mention

2012     Israel Museum Jerusalem Gerard Levy Prize for young photographer 

2012     SAIC James Weinstein Fellowship 

2010     Israel Ministry of Culture prize for young artist 

2010     The Cohn Institute grant

2009     The Cohn Institute grant 

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