This is the third chapter in the Mies Collages Project.

Following the McCormick House and the Esplanade Apartments, Evron’s installation for S.R. Crown Hall consists of a 650 sq/ft photograph of the Vermillion Cliffs (AZ) mounted on the southern face of the building. This intervention is based on speculative paper collages made by Mies van der Rohe in his American period from the late 1930’ and on. In these Collages Mies used landscape photographs to demonstrate the function of the windows and the way they frame nature. Evron is using Mies own strategy of collage and applies it onto his buildings, where the representation of architecture collapses into the actual architecture, where nature and architecture are welded into a surface. 

This project is supported by IIT School of Architecture, The Goethe Institute Chicago, Artis and the Ruttenberg 52’ Collection.

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