The starting point of this project was the way we visualize data. When I print my photographic work I use color profiles. Those are digital mathematical models that makes the computer understand how to represent the colors I see on the screen on the paper. When I begun to look at color profiles, I realized that although they are mathematical formulas we represent them as visual objects, or as virtual objects. The math and numbers don’t mean much to us but when you look at an object, it all makes sense.

Although the project deals with color spaces or color profiles, it is not about color, it’s about objects; it is about how we choose to organize color and the aesthetic conventions to do that. In the nineteenth century it was popular to build plaster models to illustrate mathematical formulas. Those sculptures are a subject of a very famous photographic series by photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. Man Ray was very interested in those models too. He created some photographs and paintings based on models he saw in Paris.

This is the thing: this weird affinity we have a desire to forms that represent reason. In that sense those objects and forms do not only represent color but actually represent culture. We look at them and with out knowing what they are they look very familiar, they make sense to us; they make sense to us as objects of knowledge. It’s really interesting how those shapes travel through culture they are arbitrary visual signs; they represent our choices, choices how to make abstract information visible.

As sculptures the question I had in mind was how do we take something from the world of ideas, the world of virtual imaging, and turn it into an actual object in the world? Something it never had been or was never intended to be. To turn the virtual object of knowledge to an empty vessel with no content just form. I wanted to break that symbolic order by divorcing what is represented and the form that represents it. When you do that you can access the object but also open it for new meanings. In that way the meaning change and the same objects can receive multiple meanings and it doesn’t have to be a meaning, it could be plural.

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